Our Goals

The LUX Project is an examination of the presence and absence of light and how light is experienced. The goal of the LUX Project was to provide people with the opportunity to experience light, sensory deprivation and sensory awareness, as well as ideas of consciousness.

The Project

The LUX Project deals with two themes, Light and Consciousness. The Team created ways of examining light and consciousness through an interactive experience.


The goal of the LUX project was to design with the presence and absence of light in order to alter the way light is experienced. Because of this, the team designed an interactive installation. When people entered the room, they were met by almost total darkness and a stark glowing rectangular form. Our participants approached the rectangular form, getting closer to the light, revealing their own reflections and illuminating their bodies.


Through this installation, the team provided people with the opportunity to have a high level of momentary self-awareness. The journey starts outside of the box, all energy focused on the mystery of what's inside. Then stepping into the box, you are met with almost total darkness and a softened perception of sound. The next step is seeing the light and moving closer to it. As you finally get close, you are challenged by your own reflection. In this moment you realize it's just you.


The LUX experience consists of three main steps.

1. outside

When user first approach the installation, they are met with a large black box. The box is intentionally mysterious in the way that it provides users with the opportunity to question why it's there and what's inside.

2. inside

Stepping inside the door of the box, users encounter darkness and a muffled sense of hearing. The installation was designed so that users' sight and hearing are impaired.


After stepping inside, users see an illuminated rectangular form at the opposite end of the dark space. At first, it is unclear that the form is a mirror. After approaching the rectangular form, users see their reflection and that is what they're left with.

"It was like seeing a light at the end of a tunnel." - Victor