D+V Hand Tool


This is a tool designed for the needs of SCAD Students at the Gulfstream Center for Design. Merging what already exists with future technologies, the team has created an innovative tool to replace the dremel, for use in sanding, cutting, and drilling small detailed projects.


The dremel tool is the most commonly used tool among SCAD students working in the Gulfstream Center for Design. It's is also the most problematic tool because of the uncomfortable form, the annoying cord, and the dusty mess that it makes.


of students interviewed said that the dremel tool is the most comonly used.


of dremel users experienced problems with the tool.

THE solution

A cordless battery powered rotary tool designed to fit comfortably in the hand at different positions with a vacuum system that keeps the work surface free of dust.



Michael Bower, Yunhoi Do, Christian Doyle, Chitman Singh

My contributions: secondary research, primary research, initial sketching, sketch modeling, prototyping, user testing, CAD modeling, digital model rendering and in-context product placement